Character Transfer

Dear players,

We are pleased to announce that we have opened character transfers from other servers, allowing all who played somewhere else to come!

Important information:

  • The max xp rates allowed from another server is 10x. Please keep that in mind.
  • The character you wish to transfer must be on the maximum level reachable for the given expansion (70 for TBC, 80 for WotLK and etc.) and it must have an average item level at least equivalent to the one that you will receive here. The average will be calculated also considering the rates of the previous server.
  • Please, DO NOT make application if you do not meet requirements for it, you are wasting yours and ours time for processing them.

Also, if you share your IP with someone who already plays here, or will submit application for transfer after you, please note it down within your application or it may be rejected.

For more information about this topic, transfer guidelines and application example, please visit our forum.

We look forward to your applications, team