Server information

We would like to show you a short overview of what to look forward to on our server.

Gradual Retail-like launching of PVP & PVE seasons (starting S5 & Naxx + OBS + EoE).


  • Xp Rate: 7x
  • Honor rate: 1x
  • Drop rate: 1x
  • Gold rate: 1x
  • Reputation rate: 1x
  • Profession rate: 2x
  • Weekend bonuses to xp, gold, reputation, honor and profession rates

Free learning of class spells!

Heirloom weapons and trinkets
Available from level 1 for each player to compensate lack of gear on increased xp rates!

Reseting Instance Locks
If you use our vote system to help advertise our server, you will gain access to 1 instace reset per week (excluding main 25m raids of the season).

Transmog system + special transmog sets normally unobtainable in the game.

New World Events PvP / PvE.

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